What is involved in serving a meal to CUE residents?

  •  A fully prepared dinner every evening is our goal. The residents like all sorts of food and generally whatever you would serve your family and friends is a good choice.
  • Some of the CUE residents have dental and gum issues, so nuts and raw vegetables are not easy for them to eat. Cooked vegetables and green salads are always welcome.
  • Please bring disposable plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. Bring serving utensils and don’t forget to take them home with you.
  • Water, milk and juice are good choices for drinks. Usually 2 gallons of each is sufficient. The camp has coffee available 24/7.
  • Serving time is at 6 p.m. On Mondays there is an all-camp meeting at 7 p.m., so it is particularly important to serve dinner promptly that night. Occasionally the church has events that will prevent serving and dining indoor.
  • Bring your meal hot and ready to serve. You are welcome to keep things warm, but please have the meal ready to serve.
  • Groups of all sizes are welcome to serve. If only one person is bringing all the food, there will be plenty of CUE residents that are willing to help.
  • You are encouraged to join us for dinner. We are a friendly group and love to chat! In fact, if you and your family would like to join us for dinner, not to serve, any night of the week you are most welcome.
  • A few days before you are scheduled to serve a meal you should contact the camp at (425) 652-9170 to get an idea on the number of people you will be serving. Plan for every resident, your group and a few extras.  This may be the only hot meal the residents will have all day so plan on generous portion sizes. If there are leftovers they will not go to waste. For leftovers, we prefer aluminum pans verses plastic bags.
  • CUE residents will help with set up and clean up, if needed.

If you are running late, cannot find the church or have a last minute question, please call the CUE camp at 425-652-9170.