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Living in a tent encampment is no picnic in the best of times. And once every 3 to 4 months, it gets especially hard – when it’s time to move the camp. Think of packing, moving, and setting up all of the personal tents, community tents, the shower, the washer and dryer, and all the other equipment and supplies in two days. As if that weren’t enough, think of doing it when you’re not feeling even close to 100% due to illness, lack of sleep and other stresses.

Camp Unity depends on help from community volunteers to make the move successfully. Won’t you pitch in?

Camp Unity Eastside is moving August 25th-26th

  • Spread the Word: Please share to help us secure volunteers for another CUE move.
  • Current Camp Location: Northshore United Church of Christ (NUCC), 18900 168th Avenue NE, Woodinville
  • New Camp Location: Bear Creek United Methodist Church (BCUMC), 16530 Avondale Rd, NE, Woodinville

If you are able to help for any amount of time, please contact:

Thank you for helping the men and women of Camp Unity Eastside in this tremendous way!

What to bring:

  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, sturdy shoes, gloves and rain gear if needed
  • Tools: We need several cordless drills with Phillips head bits and hammers
  • Bring personal water and snacks.
Lunch will most likely be provided.
  • Trucks and trailers are greatly appreciated
  • Kids are welcome
Day Tentative Schedule
Thursday, August 24 NUCC:  12 pm: Help with packing and also breaking down community tents and platforms


Friday, August 25 NUCC:  9 am start:  focus will be on moving and setting up community tents


Saturday, August 26


NUCC:  8 am start:  focus will be on moving and setting up rest of camp

BCUMC:  9 am start