What is the new “Community Service” program?

We strive to give back. While in your neighborhood, our way to say how appreciative we are will be to assist others in the community whenever possible. For example, for persons who are unable to get sidewalks or driveways shoveled in the winter, leaves raked in the fall, or anyone who needs assistance moving items. We have several individuals who have a great collection of skills. Our Community Service program is still in development. We ask community members to come forth and help us in this venture.

What programs is Camp Unity seeking to add?

To tilt the odds in someone’s favor of moving up and out of homelessness we must give them access to simple services.

  • Computer training
  • Work resume assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • Trade skills
  • Housing Assistance

Sustainable Environment: We would love to lessen the amount of garbage and waste we produce by using biodegradable and compostable materials. We are seeking communications with eco-freely green companies, with the goal to include implementations like solar, composting toilets, and several other green technologies.