Essential Needs: Need List for Camp Unity Eastside (Updated 03-03-2017) Coffee (pre-ground) Drinking and Hot Cups (Water and Coffee) 8×10 Tents (quantity 6) Conduit ½”x 10’ 6V Batteries Sugar free hot chocolate Sugar Splenda Bottled Water Grocery cards Orca cards – for job interviews Ice-melt (salt for icy surfaces) Paper plates (not Styrofoam) Large medical exam gloves (for food safety) Frozen hamburger patties Frozen chicken breast Bacon Daniel Cottrell_ Gas card. Any denomination will do thanks! Phone cards – depending on individual phone plan. List of Camper phone plans will be compiled to complete this entry. Richard – Metro PCS for $60 Joel / Dawn – Boost Mobile Camp – Virgin Mobile Daniel T– Will – AT&T 4g LTE Go Phone card Brian – Kroger (QFC) IWireless Paul – Keijo – Verizon

We here at camp want to thank each and every one of you for your generosity and support. We would like to take the time to thank everyone that helped us move to our new camp. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and support!!  We appreciate all of your support and welcome any and all feedback.

Please feel free to come down to our camp and visit us at any time or call us at 425-652-9170 so we can keep you up to date even further and answer any questions about your donations.

Any monetary donations you would like to make can be mailed currently to our business address.

Camp Unity Eastside
7525 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland WA 98033

We urgently need eating implements like paper plates, cups, bowls, paper towels and napkins.  We are also in need of a variety of lunch foods and hearty snacks to get our campers through the day.

Camp Unity Needs List this Week

Funding for Daily Operations!!
(Please ask for details!)

Happy New Year friends,

May the year 2017 be full of health and happiness for you and your families. Below are updates on camp needs, next location, and the January 20 Art Show and Sale by Daniel Cottrell and Dawn Goldsmith of Camp Unity.  Please share with others.

Shower trailer fund:   Funds are still needed to reach our goal of $2,000 to buy a replacement trailer to haul the shower and install it.   If you can help, please mail your donation to Camp Unity Eastside, PO Box 342, Redmond, WA 98073, and note that it is for the trailer fund.  THANK YOU to those who have donated so far.

Camp meals:   Thank you also to everyone who brought meals, donations, and friendship to the campers in December. Very special!  Looking ahead at the meals calendar, there are openings this week and later in January if anyone would like to sign up or spread the word.  Or, if you can drop by the camp with protein items such as hamburger or bacon that campers can use to prepare a meal, that helps too.

Camp location:  Also – a huge thank you to Kirkland Congregational Church for hosting Camp Unity.  The camp will be there until February 3 and the proposed next location is St. Jude Parish, 10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond.  Volunteers are especially needed for the next move on Feb 3 and 4.  If you can help, please contact Mark Van Wormer at or 206-963-1694.

Camp capacity:  There are about 14 campers now and the camp has capacity for additional men or women who need shelter in a drug and alcohol free environment.   If you’re aware of or meet someone who is homeless, you can let them know they can call the camp at 425-652-9170. The camp supervisors on duty will assist them.

Current Camp Needs:  Hand and toe warmers, bottled water, paper towels, AAA and D batteries, a replacement shower curtain and plastic rings.  Thermal underwear tops and bottoms in extra large sizes:   XL to XXXL for several men and large to XXXL for the couple women.   Please bring any donations to the camp at Kirkland Congregational Church, 106 5th Avenue.

Art Show and Sale – Friday, January 20, 2017:  With the close of 2016, the visions that Daniel Cottrell and Dawn Goldsmith of Camp Unity created this past summer will be displayed and available at St. Bartholomew Church.  Church address is 14821 Avondale Rd. NE, Woodinville and the show is from 3 pm to 7 pm

Daniel and Dawn invite you to the show and to take this journey with them.  The Art displayed at the show will be a depiction of this.

Daniel Cottrell’s days are full with working and painting these dreams of days present and past and with each creation he has made, you will see the detailing of whimsies and so much more.  Daniel’s unique look at anime art and conventional art depictions will leave the viewers breathless, with his overall flow and insight.

Artist Dawn Goldsmith at the intermediate stage of acrylic medium, has also detailed her visions of this past summer, her highs and lows through these feeling are depicted in her art.  Dawn’s art will have small inserts relaying her thoughts at these moments.

They would love for our community to see what can be created with small blessings. Previews of Art Works on display at the show will be uploaded to the Camp Unity website on January 13, 2017.   For more information please contact either Dawn at 206-457-7301 or Daniel at 425-260-0721.  Hope to see you there! For more information about the art show please visit

Blessings to you,

Lori Peckol

Coordinator, Friends of Camp Unity



Move Day Needs Request List (Moving February 3rd and 4th 2017 ):

7 8×8 Tents (see bottom)

7 8×10 Tents (see bottom)

Bottled water

Gatorade/Power Aid

55 Gallon Heavy duty trash bags

Work gloves XL & XXL

20 gallon storage totes with lids
200 feet 1/4in. thick Poly rope
11.5 in. zip-ties

Big zip ties

Sharpie permanent markers

Camp Unity Eastside will be moving Friday and Saturday February 3-4, 2017 and is in need of these things and volunteers we greatly appreciate all your support and love thru this time of need THANK YOU.

(Due to the limited space at our new spot campers are having to move into smaller tents and we will need to have these tents available for the campers come move day)


Please look over our current needs list. Thank you for your continued help and support.
* Please note the things we DO NOT need. Thanks!

Operations Money/Meals/Bus Passes (Refilling our Orca cards)
Gift cards for groceries
Tents 8×8 and 8×10
Whiteout/Pens/Thumbtacks/Fabric markers
Gorilla tape / Big Zip ties / Shoe Disinfectant
16oz cups and travel size mugs
Plastic Spoons
39 & 13 Gallon Trash Bags
Microwaveable Paper Plates & Bowls
Napkins/Paper Towels/Aluminum foil
Coffee (Ground please), Coffee creamer/Sugar/Splenda(sugar substitute)
Light bulbs/Extension cords/Power strip
Dog Food / Dog Treats / Dog Toys
Printer toner (HP Desk Jet 2132) HP 63
Diabetic snacks/Low carb
Unused sharps container (For camper’s medical use)
Pine-sol/Sponges (scotch guard)
Bathroom cleaners(Shower cleaner spray)
Disinfectant wipes
Laundry soap
Batteries- AAA, AA, C & D
Tuna, soups, mayo, saltine crackers
Bottled water
Sun block (30 or higher)
Hand sanitizer (big bottles if possible)
Off Mosquito/bug repellent
Slime/Stans Tire sealant
Bicycle tubes (size: 700c, 26″, 28″)
Bicycle tires (size: 700c, 28″, 26″)
Toilet paper
Hand and Toe Warmers
Blankets/Sleeping Bags/Pillows and pillow cases/cots
PERSONAL NEEDS: For men & women
Knitted hats, Scarfs, Gloves
Deodorant/Razors/Shaving Cream/shampoo & conditioner
WOMEN’S NEEDS: All sizes
Thermal Underwear, underwear, Bras, Shoes, Feminine Hygiene, Hair Brushes, Hair Ties, Socks, Flip flops, T-shirts, Pants
MEN’S NEEDS: All sizes
Thermal underwear, Men’s Boxers, Boxer briefs and Briefs, Socks, Tennis Shoes, Flip flops, T-shirts, Pants
– Expired cans of Food
– Breads that are not sliced
– Tomato Sauce
– Peanut Butter
– Beans
– Pasta
– Ketchup
– Refried Beans

Ongoing Needs II:

Financial donations/Meals/Bus Passes
Tents- 8×8 and 8×10

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  Please ask for a tax deductible donation receipt!  

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