Camp unity eastside is more than your average tent city. We like to refer to ourselves as a tent village. Folks from all walks of life live here and all with one thing in mind. To pick up the pieces of a life that was once familiar with them. Then move on to a more prosperous future. Find work, a new place to live, or just to begin again. The camp supervisors and board members are professionals that are ready to help you get started again. Get off of the street, and stay with us. We will provide a tent and blankets for the folks that qualify to stay with us. Our new site is at St. Jude’s Catholic Church 10526 166th Ave NE Redmond, WA. 98052 We will be here until May 22 2017. So come on down and pay us a visit! To your left, on this page is all the links for information about us and what is happing what you can do to help and of course the fun events that we have depending on the season. Some of the material is a bit out of date but no worries that will soon change! Welcome aboard and thanks for the visit!