MISSION: Camp Unity Eastside is a community based organization, designated nonprofit, 501(c)(3) by the IRS, registered with the State of WA as a charitable corporation, that is dedicated to success for the individual through empowerment.

VISION: Camp Unity Eastside envisions a community focused on safety, health and inclusion for people seeking relationships and support during a time when they are most vulnerable.

PURPOSE: Camp Unity Eastside provides a safe and stable place for people experiencing homelessness, that supports resilience and fosters hope and connection so people may move toward safe and stable housing with the relationships, self-confidence and knowledge to be successful.

 We are currently residing at Kirkland Congregational Church 106 5th Ave ,Kirkland, WA 98033  until February  3 , and are in search for our next host site. We are currently in negotiation with St Jude Parish in Redmond.


Camp Unity Eastside Leadership Our Board Of Directors is comprised of

Michael Grimm- Board Chair ,President

Jim McCorkle- Vice President 

Mark Van Wormer- Secretary

Meg Nafziger

Ann Taylor-Treasurer

Alphonso Carter

Keijo Oi-Head Camp Superviser


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