About Camp Unity


Camp Unity is a transitional shelter, providing a safe place to stay and housing up to 100 homeless people each day. Although we have residents from all places and walks of life, including other shelters, we are not affiliated with any other shelters. While many of our residents have been to SHARE shelters before, we are not ourselves a SHARE shelter, nor are we affiliated with SHARE. Camp Unity is it’s own entity.


A little about us…
We are Camp Unity Eastside. A brand new Non-Profit Organization. November 15th 2012 was a remarkable day for us. Not only does it mean our founding date, it signifies our own EMPOWERMENT. Together with some dedication and faith, we have united ourselves in an earnest effort to empower the homeless.
Transitions are usually very hard. However with the help and support of the community and the graciousness of our host, easy and smooth are the only words that come to mind.
Lake Washington United Methodist Church greeted us with open arms. We have found that besides hospitality, true friendship was waiting for us! Pastor Kelly Dalman-Oeth and his congregation of angels, along with Sandi and Randy Hunt, Joe Ingram and Bill Kirlin Hackett were beyond instrumental in helping us get up and running. We cannot thank them enough. Through their compassion we have found a renewed sense of faith and freedom, thanks to their kindness and willingness to help we know we are on the right path to help others.
We are truly blessed by how much support the community has shown us and continue to surprise us with daily. From all of us here at Camp Unity Eastside a huge heartfelt THANK YOU!

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